Wednesday, August 19, 2015

New Chess Year. Changes ahead

Alas my schedule is changing, and I am not sure what days I will have off.  With the new school years time changes I am thinking 7:45am to 8:40am.  I will keep you posted when My schedule does indeed change.  Also we will not be starting until October as my schedule at work may be changing days.

Iowa Open RBO (rated beginners Open) is on Aug 29th.  A five round g30 d5 tournament.  It will be great to come and play.  At the Coralville Marriot Iowa River Landing.  Claudia Munoz will be there she is the Girls Champion of the USA 2014.   It would be great if some of our girls came out and maybe she would go over their games and do some chess lessons with them.


  1. Hi Eric,

    My son is in first grade (Arjun Raj), I would like to enroll him to chess club. How do i go about doing it?

    Thank You

    1. WOW! you are the first comment I ever received, no worries it will be the first Wednesday in October.