Thursday, August 30, 2012

Eric Vigil kicked off our 1st meeting with an introduction of our chess club goals and philosophies.  We will be taking names and collect $10 for registration on Wednesday, 9/5/2012.  We had 18 eager chess players at the 1st meeting.  Look for the upcoming chess ladder and skills chart!

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  1. Great first day, On Wednesday we will be starting the chess ladder! I heard lots of enthusiasm in the hallways that chess club had started!

    Next week there is an opportunity for chess growth, there is a tournament at Kirkwood Community College on Sept 8th, starting at 10 AM, please show up ealier to register. There are two sections Under 800 for beginners and over 800 for intermediate players. You will be paired with the three closest players to your rating and play in a three or four game round robin format. You must be USCF member to participate, membership available on site. Contact Matt Power for more information at or 319-325-1969